Critical essential workers who are close contacts permitted to work

Critical essential workers in Queensland who are deemed close contacts are allowed to work, under new rules in Queensland. However this does come with some caveats as follows:

  • You must be asymptomatic

  • You must work in a critical industry AND be classified as a critical essential worker by your employer

  • You're only released from quarantine to go to work but not for any other reason

  • You must be fully vaccinated and wear PPE at all times

  • You are not permitted to use public transport - therefore you must travel to work in personal transport or transport organised by your employer

Critical essential work includes:

  • health (private hospitals included)

  • emergency services

  • resource sector

  • power and utilities

  • agriculture and fisheries

  • production

  • freight and logistics

  • public transport

  • teachers

  • essential retail such as supermarkets

  • and stores in remote locations and communities

Return to school

The beginning of the school year has been delayed to Monday, February 7, however, year 11 and 12 students will commence remote learning from Monday, January 31.

For the remaining school cohort, there will be an extra week of school in December (taking the final day of term to December 16).

Schools will be open for vulnerable children and children of essential workers.


The mask mandate in Queensland now covers the following locations:

  • In shops and retail centres

  • Hospitals and aged care

  • On public transport

  • Ride share

  • Airports and planes

  • All workplaces (unless it is unsafe to do so)

  • Pubs, clubs and cafes (except if seated)

  • Indoor stadiums and sports arenas (except if seated)

  • Libraries, hairdressers and nail salons

  • Waiting rooms and medical centres

Employers are urged to return to work-from-home arrangements where possible.

Access to vulnerable settings including aged care and hospitals is limited to only those who are fully vaccinated except in end of life, childbirth or emergencies.

Helpful information:

Stay updated by visiting the QLD Government website.

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