So, you know you need to get a first aid kit but you’re not quite sure which one is for you. Will it have the right equipment, enough bandaids, bandages or panadol? How do you know what needs to be in there? How do you choose from the dozens of potential options out there?

How to choose the right first aid kit for you

A first aid kit is an important purchase that will save you time and time again, so it’s something you want to get right.

To make sure you’re getting the best kit for your needs ask yourself these three simple questions before you start shopping around:

  • Is the kit for at home, at work or on the go?

  • How many people will the kit be servicing?

  • Are you in a remote location?

The essentials to have in a first aid kit

Whether you buy a ready-made first aid kit or assemble your own there are some essential items you should always include:

  • Bandages

  • Dressings

  • Gauze swabs

  • Antiseptic wipes

  • Cold Pack

  • Safety pins

  • Gloves

  • Emergency blanket

If you have young children, you may also want to add a thermometer and some basic pain medicine to your kit, as well as the syringes or medicine cups to provide accurate doses.

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Information originally published by St John Ambulance Australia.

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