Stress and anxiety affect us all in different ways, and we all have our own coping mechanisms. We asked our team of nurses to share the ways in which they practice mental wellness and the things they do to make them feel better.

"I like to try to pre-plan the night before as to how I want to start the day and what you'd like to achieve. Taking choices away helps set me up on the front foot for the day"

"Finding something to make me laugh. There's always something online or a book or television episode. Take the time away from stressors with humour."

"I remind myself to be present. Don't think of what's happened or what's ahead, just remain in the present."

"Kindness is one of the fastest ways to feel calm for me. Doing this can boost oxytocin levels (the bonding hormone) and can lower your stress levels by distracting you from yourself.

"Gratitude is very powerful. There are always things to be grateful for.....always,"

"I have the propensity to say sorry a lot. The problem is, every time one says “sorry,” they're subtly beating themselves down and lowering confidence. I try to remind myself to say thank you, not sorry."

"I aim to channel my stressful energy into tending to the people around me and befriending new people whom you can form mutually supportive relationships with."

"I try not to judge, wake up and say, "today I will not judge any person or situation" well difficult I know, begin slowly, say for one hour, then extend."

"I destress with anti-stress body language. As soon as I feel myself go into a stressful mental space, I roll my shoulders back and down and place my feet firmly on the ground, shoulder-width apart."

Don’t forget, there is a team of people available to support you on the good days and the bad days. If you have the Sonder app installed on your mobile, connect with us here.

National Mental Health Month in Australia is an initiative of the Mental Health Foundation Australia (MHFA) to advocate for and raise awareness of Australian mental health. It is an important time where the Australian community comes together to raise awareness that #MentalHealthMatters.

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