Whether you want peace of mind knowing that there's someone looking out for you, or you need help with any issue relating to your safety or wellbeing, the Sonder app is the best way to connect with our experienced support team. Here's how it works:

24/7 Support

Our 'conversation starters' on the home screen of the app are just there to give you guidance on the most common types of issues we support our members with. However you can ask us anything, and our team will respond in seconds - no lengthy phone or chat line queues. You can choose to interact with us via phone or chat, or just read through some of our self-service articles to familiarise yourself with our support capabilities.

Get Urgent Help

This button triggers an alarm in our support centre, and is the best way to let us know you need urgent assistance. If you use this feature, we will call or message you straight away, and if you don't respond we will send help to your last known location. If you accidentally press this button (we've all pocket dialled someone we didn't mean to!), just let us know you're okay by dropping us a message via the in-app chat.

Other safety features

Track My Journey

Walking alone at night or through potentially dangerous areas can be worrying. Using Sonder's ‘Track My Journey’ feature, you can let us know your destination and we will be able to track your location as you walk, cycle or drive.

If we see you stop along the way or go off-route, we’ll call or send you a message. If you don’t respond, we’ll send someone to your location to make sure you’re okay. This function is great to provide you peace of mind while you travel to any destination.

Check On Me

You can use this to set an amount of time you plan to be in a certain location. When the time runs out we'll call you to make sure you are safe. If you are safe you can end the Check On Me before the time runs out. This function is great when meeting new people for the first time or when you are in an unfamiliar environment.

Safety Notices

Sonder keeps an eye on public safety and environmental incidents that may affect our members. If we detect that you're in the vicinity of such an event, we'll send you message to check that you're okay, or to advise you on how to keep safe. To ensure this feature works correctly, please ensure you give permission for Sonder to access your location.

Tip - if you're a regular user of Sonder you may want to save our number in your phone contacts so that if we call you, you'll know it's us. The number we will always call you from is (+61) 02 8379 7799, or (+64) 0 9887 9851 if you're in New Zealand.

If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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