We are here 24/7 to support our members with any issue related to physical health, wellbeing, mental health or other concerns about COVID-19. Contact us via phone or live chat in-app, or swipe for help in the app. We can help you check your symptoms, refer you to the most appropriate care, or simply provide you emotional support.

All of our Support Centre staff are Mental Health First Aid trained and can provide you with all the necessary support to find the help that is right for you.
We have a team dedicated to sourcing intelligence around COVID-19 - some of which is not publicly available, meaning we discard rumours and misinformation. You can be confident that the information we relay to you is correct.

We can provide in-person support, through our network of former and off-duty emergency services and other highly trained staff, all who carry standard personal protective equipment (PPE).

If you have any concerns, need guidance in finding a healthcare provider, or your mental wellbeing is being impacted by this event, you can chat with us at any time of day or night. Tap the below buttons from your phone to be connected directly via the app to the Sonder team.

You can also call reach one of our team members on 1800 234 560 in Australia or +64 (0) 9887 9851 in New Zealand if you don't have the Sonder app downloaded.

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