Sometimes we all feel a little uncomfortable when walking alone in the dark, driving in an unfamiliar area or cycling along down heavy traffic roads.

Sometimes you might call a friend to talk to as you travel, to make sure you're safe. It's nice to know you've got someone by your side. But what happens if you don't have someone to call because it's late at night, or they're busy, or you just don't want to bother anyone?

Sonder's Track My Journey feature allows you to share your location with our team, so that we can keep an eye on your progress as you make your way to your destination. Your journey is monitored by real people - not machines - and if we detect you've stopped or gone off-route, we'll get in touch with you to ensure you're okay.

Using this feature is easy, and you can use it for short trips, eg from your bus stop to your home, or for longer car or cycle journeys.

  1. Simply enter your destination and select your mode of travel (walking, cycling or driving).

  2. Continue your trip in peace knowing that the Sonder Support Centre is monitoring you.

  3. Β If you go behind schedule or off track, the Sonder Support Centre will contact you through the app, by phone or by SMS. If we can’t reach you, we'll send one of our team members to your last known location to make sure nothing has happened to you.

  4. Once you reach your destination, we'll send you a message asking you to confirm you're okay.

To use this feature, click on the button below to be taken directly to the app.

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