The most exciting thing about Sonder Support is that your case is managed by a real person, not an algorithm. This article explains how the team works and what qualifies them to bring you world class support at any time of the day or night. 

Critical Incident Response Coordinators (CIRCS) 

image description: Tyler, a Sonder CIRC

CIRCs are the first person you'll speak to through the Sonder app and over the phone.
They come from a variety of backgrounds including 000 operators, police communicators, security, healthcare and customer service. They are extensively trained in incident management and periodically reviewed for quality. 

TeleTriage Nurses

Our TeleTriage Nurses at Sonder have experience in some of the busiest hospital emergency departments, as well as experience in various other healthcare areas including mental health, intensive care and TeleHealth.

Their job is to find you the most appropriate care for your situation. This could include calling you an ambulance, making you an appointment at a General Practioner's (GP) office, or even giving you some self-care advice to look after yourself if your symptoms are mild. They understand that it is sometimes difficult to navigate the healthcare system, and are happy to help you through your entire healthcare journey.

Duty Operations Managers (DOMS)

Image description: Michael, a Sonder Operations Manager
Our DOMs are experienced team leaders with proven ability to make calls in tough situations. They are mostly from policing, defence and emergency services backgrounds, and undergo a rigorous selection process. 

The DOM's job is to manage the Sonder Support Centre, and they have the final say in any support decision making, such as whether to deploy a Liaison Officer.

Continuous Improvement 

At least once a week, the Sonder Operations team sits down together and conducts an After-Action Review (AAR), where they cover the previous week's cases in detail and identify any areas for improvement. This illustrates Sonder's commitment to getting the best outcome for you every time. 

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